Social media can be many things, admittedly I think most people realise not to spend too much time focusing on it. However for Island State Co it's been a blessing as it's allowed us to connect with so many inspirational artists who we probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to know otherwise. 
Jason Foster is a photographer living in California who really stands out from the crowd. His photography captures a side of the surf and skate lifestyle that you don't see much of anymore; gritty, real, grungy. His photography allows you to soak up a place in time and shows a very real side of California.
We are huge fans of the movie Lords of Dogtown, and as much as we aren't sure if Jason would like us to relate his work to this movie, his images sum up for us what the movie was about. That small town kid who is something special but will always carry around with them a very real attitude towards life.
We like 'real'. It's hard to find and when someone brings it into their work we feel that's a very precious talent. We also genuinely really like Jason, he is such an interesting and inspirational human. 

Jason has taken some digital and film images for us that we will treasure forever; his own boy hanging out in his neighbourhood in a few pieces from our Tropicana collection. We love that he works with film, you just can not beat it's rawness.

Jason was also good enough to answer a few questions for us. 


What are your favourite things about living California?
California offers up both summer and winter activities all in the same day.  Although we don't do much of the wintery stuff anymore, it's available. The ocean is a big part of what makes me tick, and living 2 miles form it allows for me to keep my head clear. Also having Los Angeles within 20 miles allows for "career" opportunities to exist.
Why did you get into photography?
I spent 20 years in the US Coast Guard, and for 20 of those years it wasn't something I felt was apart of me.  I initial joined out of necessity, I was getting in a lot of trouble as a young man after graduating high school and needed to get away. I joined to get a  'free' college education out of it...  four years quickly turned into 20, and finally I went to art school. With the lack of benefit available I was only able to take a 2 year course, and photography was it. I grew up drawing and painting as a creative outlet, so the photography was just an extension of it.
What are you passions in life, work, future dreams?
My passion is my family, the ocean and creativity. I wish to have my work in art galleries, and well respected along with selling pieces...  for work, at this point I want to do anything that involves my creative output. It's hard to say really, because I'm unaware of all the opportunities that exist.  I guess I could say I know what I don't want to do...  wedding photography.
Your work seems reminiscent of a past era and a lost art form. What inspires your work?
What inspires my work is capturing the true essence of a certain individual.  My subjects are just that, they are not objects.  I feel everyone has a story to tell without words, and I'd like to tell it visually. My work account on instagram @thredays exploits this as best as I can given it's a social media outlet. Also...  film photography for me allows for me to push a more organic feel, more substance even though less technical.
You can find more of Jason's work on Instagram