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The Surfrider Malibu

The Surfrider Malibu, previously an original 1950s motel, has been transformed into a stunning boutique hotel that pays homage to Malibu's historic beach community. This Californian Beach House style accomodation is situated directly across from the Malibu Pier and looks out over the world-famous Surfrider beach. A big highlight for us was the rooftop bar where you can watch classic Malibu sunrises and sunsets over the Pacific Ocean and enjoy a Californian-style healthy and fresh menu perfectly matched to this amazing location. It was such a treat to stay here, we feel very lucky! Thank-you Surfrider! x Pics a combination of ours and Surfrider Malibu

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Beyond Yonder Island State Co - Jan Feb Mar 18' Photography Lizz Pennings Concept Island State Co Hats Fallen Broken Street Location Whites Beach, Broken Head, NSW This collection is for the little traveler. It draws on inspiration from far away places, especially the hot landscapes and surf beaches of Mexico and Morocco. It celebrates earthy and muted tones, with a touch of fiesta, and has our trademark messages of love, peace, and respect. 

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Island State Co - ECO SWIM The decision to make swimwear didn't come lightly for us, but what's a surf brand without swimwear? However, what's an ECO brand without sustainable and ECO solutions to otherwise often environmentally damaging production methods and environmentally damaging materials? Why swim in the ocean in bathers that one way or the other have damaged, or will damage, the environment? That seems like a massive contradiction to loving ocean and surf life.  Swimwear is usually made from synthetic materials, which are made from petrochemicals that have significant environmental impacts. The manufacturing of them can create nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas. Synthetic materials are not biodegradable, so once you no longer have a need for it, it...

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