ethics and sustainability

One of our core ethics at Island State Co is to value all life on this planet, from humans to wild life and to nature. We aren't just concerned with financial gain, we want to do things right and respectfully and look after what mother nature has provided. 
We've gathered a wide spread team from around the world, carefully chosen for having similar values. We couldn't fulfil our dream without the help of others who are living their dream.  
At present our main concern environmentally is with our planet's waters; the ocean, rivers, creeks and drinking water. We are doing all we can to make sure our products aren't contributing to the harm our planet's waters are experiencing. This not only includes clean water for all humans, but also clean water for the creatures living or drinking from the water and for the environment.
We've gone out of our way to find a manufacturer in India who are GOTS certified. This means not just their fabrics and dyeing practices are organic and ethically certified, but also their working environment. 
Our products are made from a variety of organic, ethical and eco materials.
We are very proud to have recently introduced ECONYL® swimwear to our collection. ECONYL® is 100% regenerated nylon yarn made from reclaimed ghost fishing nets and other pre and post consumer waste. 
We will continue to find ways to make sure our packaging is also eco, from our packing bags to shipping boxes to our swing-tags. The bags we are currently using are made from bio-cassava bags; a 100% bio-based, compostable material made from the cassava tree that is safe for animals to eat and fully breaks down in water. Our swing-tags are made from upcycled drink coasters. 
Technology is forever changing and we will continue to research and to alter our product when we feel we can improve on it. 
We aren't perfect, but we are committed long-term to constantly improve. Honesty and transparency are important to us.
Much love, Island State Co